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Which One Are You?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

You know how I'm a theatre kid...

And I am obsessed with Hamilton the musical...or rather, HipOpera.

It's been 7 years since it was published, but I still totally listen to the soundtrack regularly - like several times a month. #obsessed

But there's one thing I love, love, love about this show...

Ok, two:

1) I think Lin-Manuel Miranda is our modern day Shakespeare.

...but for purposes of this email...:

Depending on what's going on in my life,

I resonate with different characters.

Often times, that's not the case.

Think about it...

Most movies or stories like to paint a very specific 'bad guy' and 'good guy'...and you're not likely to resonate with the 'bad guy', are you?

I saw an interview with Lin (I like to pretend we're on a first name basis), and in the interview he said one of the first choices he made was to have Aaron Burr state upfront that he's the 'damn fool that shot him'.


Because we know that already.

But also:

A far more interesting story is how he got to that point.


Have you seen Hamilton?

Which character did you resonate with most?

The firs time I saw it, of course, I resonated with good ol' AHam.

It was 2016, I was managing the Pilates studio by day M-F, teaching group fitness classes at another location at night M-Th, had just finished my coaching certification, had just starting selling LuLaRoe with my roomie, aaaaand Eddie and I had just made things official two months prior.

To put it mildly: I was scrappin', hustlin', and things were non-stop!

I felt Hamilton and his need to prove himself.

Over time, and things settled,

or rather, I settled,

I started to understand Aaron Burr more.

Especially as I became more independent in my business:

The pressure of image, of not rocking the boat.

Worried about what people think - not upsetting them.

Everything to lose.

It's one thing to ask which you resonate with more;

It's another to ask what you can learn from it.

Those times I resonated with Burr, what could I learn?

Perhaps I need to stop playing it safe.

Perhaps I need to be less concerned with what others think about me.

Perhaps I've let envy and/or resentment drive me a bit too much.

And those times I resonated with Hamilton, what could I learn?

Perhaps I've let my desire to prove myself run the show.

Perhaps I've paid more attention to achieving than relationships and love ones.

Perhaps that drive has allowed me to ignore other areas that need attention.

Perhaps I need to slow down.

The same is true for my experience with these ladies.

Some days I resonate with Eliza:

passive, positive, helpless to circumstances (good or bad).

Some days it's more Angelica:

take no prisoners, smart as whip, driven.

Some days it's Peggy:

I'm here too.

Again, what can I learn from this?

Perhaps those days I'm feeling like Angelica, I could use a little more Eliza in my life.

Those days I'm feeling like Eliza, I could use a little more Angelica.

On both of those days, I could be more like Peggy:

Maybe I don't need to shine. I can simply Be.


I'm so passionate about slowing down and reflecting on the stories I'm telling myself.

The stories we tell ourselves influence everything in our lives.


Step one is to become aware of the stories you're telling yourself.

An easy way to start with that:

Look at your life.

Your life is a reflection of the stories you're telling.

Then, you can begin to ask yourself questions about those stories.

That is where the lessons will lie.

Frustrated with some area of your life? Curious about what your stories may be? Looking for a way to connect deeper with yourself and receive clarity on what the next step may be for you?

Jump on my calendar for your First Time One on One Private Coaching session where we'll uncover what you want and where there may be some resistance and blocks holding you back. >> Click Here.

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