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Heal the Past.
Embrace the Present. 
Create Your Future.

Feeling like you keep repeating behaviors that you know aren't helping you, but you can't seem to stop?

Clear the mind of negative beliefs and patterns,

resolve painful emotions and stuckness,

reorganize the mind to see new possibilities,

and stop regretting the past and dreading the future with Rapid Resolution Therapy. 

Click the link above to book a FREE 30 Minute Consultation call to let me know a bit about what you're struggling with, and how RRT works, the process, and if I'm a good fit.  

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Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is an extremely effective and radically different approach than other forms of therapy.


Not only is it a surprisingly quick way to dissolve troubling or negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors - yay! - but the best part is that RRT does not require a painful analysis from the past. RRT is multidimensional communication, affecting both the conscious and unconscious mind so that powerful and lasting shifts occur. 

Get ready to clear things like:

Lack of Clarity or Direction,

Fear of Failure or Rejection,

Self Doubt,

Neglecting Self Care Practices,

Avoidance Behaviors,

Negative Thinking Patterns (including 'Good Enough'),




Social Anxiety,



Work Performance,

Health Anxiety,

Generalized Anxiety,

Panic Attacks.

Negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by positive feelings and actions. 

Once the conflicts in the unconscious mind have been pinpointed it can (and will!) be cleared.


And the desired change is automatic and lasting.

What Is Rapid Resolution Therapy?


No More Feel It To Heal It

Rapid Resolution Therapy® is a very fast way to get clear and free. It does not require reliving negative emotions or painful analysis of the past.


How Is It Different Than Therapy?

Dr. Jon Connelly developed Rapid Resolution Therapy® to reduce suffering specifically in the mental health industry.

RRT is neither psychotherapy nor counseling.

RRT is a philosophical approach to sustainably improving well-being.


How It Works

Rapid Resolution Therapy® uses special tools, innovative concepts and communication with both the conscious and unconscious mind to create a shift at the root level so that improvements are natural, automatic, and lasting.

RRT is typically completed within ONLY three 90 min sessions via Zoom.

Book Your Free Consultation Call

Hi! I'm Lindsey.

National Board Certified Coach Trained in RRT.

As a certified Coach trained in RRT (RRT Specialist in training), I assist people in clearing painful emotions, negative thoughts, stuckness, and undesired behaviors. 

As a person who has been given labels such as "Highly Codependant" with "High Functioning Anxiety" and "PTSD", I have experienced the struggle that comes with anxiety, people pleasing, and overwhelm. I know what it's like to feel lost, stuck, and frustrated.

Through my own experience as well as the experiences of those I've worked with, nothing has worked as quickly and effectively as Rapid Resolution Therapy to resolve my clients’ disturbing emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and past experiences. 

I used to believe that we had to feel emotions to release and heal them, and then love and forgive ourselves. Then I came across the work of Dr. Connelly and was amazed at the massive impact RRT had, healing people in such a short time. 

I've trained extensively with Dr. Connelly himself, and continue to train even now to enhance my skills to serve others in their healing. 

It is my intention that our meeting will have significant value for you, meaning I'm looking for you to be happy with it, and also for you to be satisfied over time.


Rachel C, Nurse & Mom

I have not had that icky panic feeling ever since (the session). I was even looking at job postings, including some that were early shifts, and never got that bad feeling. When my alarm went off this morning I was tired at first but still felt good/happy.

Michelle G, Entrepreneur

I tried traditional therapy, TMS, and medication. The therapy was only slightly effective because I was encouraged to increase my self-esteem. Liking myself wasn't the problem. The problem was I couldn't recognize the pattern I was repeating. I heard of RRT from my therapist oddly enough. I absolutely loved working with Lindsey. She immediately put me at ease by defining RRT and illuminating why and how it works. Then, she took me through a series of exercises that helped where there was "stuck-ness”. I felt empowered after my session with Lindsey. I now take action in short order - I speak directly, no blame. Thank you, next!

Nicole P, Business Owner & Mom

Chest pain has been gone completely. Brain fog, shaking, stomach aches, all gone. It's not like I don't care, it's just like my brain forgot to panic.



Let's connect to create clarity about how to heal and the freedom to move forward. 


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