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Lotto Fever?

As I write this, the Powerball is $1.6 BILLION. B-I-L-L-I-O-N! With a B.

And MegaMillion is $119 Million.

If you've ever experienced that 'low account balance' warning, overwhelm of debt, or felt like you simply can't participate in life the way you'd like due to money, then chances are you can relate to the excitement.

Imagine what you would do with that money...

But seriously: what would you do with those winnings?

There's a lot of power in thinking about it.

First, our little human brains can't exactly fathom that amount of money.

Mega-Millions: $119 Million. If I lived 50 more years, the $57.7 Million dollar cash payout would average to $96K PER MONTH.

What would you do with $96,000.00 per month?

If you're anything like me, your first thought is: Debt!

...but once that's gone...

What do you want?

Most people struggle to answer this question.

Often times, you'll say what you don't want:

Maybe for you it's debt, or stress, or wondering how far your next paycheck will stretch this month.

Perhaps you hear yourself saying: I just want to feel secure.

(This one resonates with me.)

What do you want?

You probably know you want a vacation, maybe a new vehicle or house.

But then what? What else do you want?


Most of us are like a 6 year old asked what she would do with a million dollars and she responds by saying, "I'd get a puppy!'

...ok...but what else? I'm certain you'd have quite a bit left over...

Do you have any big, giant, crazy dreams or desires?

You know, those ones that are like, "Yeah, that'd be nice, but there's NO WAY I could ever afford that." Or, "That's a ridiculous amount of money to pay!"

How would it feel to do that thing? How would it feel to purchase that crazy item?

Do you know how much it actually costs?

I know this sounds crazy...but I encourage you to begin to price out those desires.

That dream home: how much would it actually cost?

That new car, fully loaded: how much would it actually cost?

That all-inclusive, 5 Star dream vacation with first class flights: how much would that actually cost?

This isn't just about daydreaming.

It's called Brain Priming.

There's a very science-backed purpose of doing this:

It begins to allow your brain to stretch what it believes is possible.

See, your brain doesn't know the difference between what's real or what's imagined.

It knows what you tell it.

So, when you're telling yourself "I need more money" - how do you feel?

Now, what other thoughts does that one thought create?

...probably fearful, anxious, disempowering thoughts...that feel just as bad, if not worse, as the first one.

Now, imagine yourself purchasing that dream car.

Imagine yourself sitting in it: what does that interior look like? How does it feel? How does it smell? (I loooove a new car smell!) How does that engine sound?

When you think about that: How do you feel?

What thoughts do you have?

Maybe you're discovering that your thoughts are more like, "How can I make this happen?". Maybe you're discovering that your thoughts are more expansive versus restrictive as above.

When you allow yourself to dream into these things, you're priming your brain to accept new limits and shed the old ones. Opening you up to more possibility, outcomes and ideas.

So, once again I'll ask you: What do you want?

What would you do with $96,000.00 a month?

- I'd renovate the bathroom and kitchen. (Here in Los Angeles, that's about $100k-$200k.)

- I'd update motorcycle gear for me and Eddie. (Helmet, jacket, boots, and all the weather stuff.) I'd make my own in home Pilates studio with 2 Reformers ($5K each), a Caddy ($5k), and all the props. ...and I'd still have some left over this month...

- Donating to charities that are close to my heart will always be a part of the month. And yes, I have written out that list too.

- I'd take my Mom on an all expense paid trip to Ireland, flying first class ($15K), sparing no expense. That would still leave about $60K this month. There are a couple more specific trips like this that are on my list. And then, I kind of run out of ideas beyond, "Travel the world".

I'm sure you're beginning to see how our brains don't actually comprehend this amount of money.

...and this was using the Mega Millions...

That $1.6 Billion in the Powerball: cash payout, averaged over 50 years, would be $1.3 Million PER MONTH.

So, I encourage you: Prime Your Brain!

Write out: What do you want?

What would it actually cost?

What would it look like, feel like, sound like, smell like, taste like to have that experience?

Not only does it feel good, but you're changing the circuits in your brain, opening up new possibilities and ways of thinking. Creating more creative solutions; taking off some filters.

Plus, you'll change your energy.

Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

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