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Habits of Happiness

Here's the ugly truth:

today it's easier than ever to be bogged down by negative. It is everywhere and we consume it non-stop.

The other ugly truth:

Happiness is an internal job -

not an external pursuit.

This isn't to say 'don't set goals' or 'don't pursue the thing', but don't do it because you think you'll be happy. You know, 'If _____ then I'll be happy'. If I get the job, then I'll be happy. If I get the right man, then I'll be happy. If I had a million dollars, then I'd be happy.

How about, Be Happy? Focus on the Now. And the Now. And the Now of Now. It eliminates the worry of the future that hasn't happened and the sadness of the past that has already happened. Focus on Now. Take action Now. Be happy Now.

For example: It's been raining non-stop here in Los Angeles. Our rain average is up 196% so far this year. So, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Trick question: it's neither. It's rain. Rain is neutral. Rain is rain. It's good or bad depending on our interpretation and the meaning we give rain.

Good or bad? Depends on your interpretation and perspective.

Big or small? Depends on your interpretation and perspective.

Is the journey worth it? Depends on your interpretation and perspective.

Is the goal worth it? Depends on your interpretation and perspective.

Stop drowning in the negative - the choice is yours.

First, take a step back and see what meaning you're giving something or someone.

Said another way: what judgements are you making?

If this doesn't help you calm the monkey mind or destress then there's another option, again the choice is yours to make:

If social media brings you down: stop consuming it!

If the news brings you down: stop consuming it!

This doesn't make you uninformed - it means you're not bathing in negative and you're taking care of your wellbeing.

If certain people drain you - do what you can to limit your exposure!

If you need a day to yourself - freaking take it!

You can't pour from an empty cup. Today, more than ever, we need to become conscious of where we put our attention and energy. We need to get back to our factory setting of Happy.

It's inside. It's always been there, Dorothy. You simply need to recognize it again.

So, how can you do that? Well, I keep a Happiness List in my phone. It's my emergency contact list so to speak. Short, quick, easy, free things to get me in the Happy space. Again, this is EMERGENCY CONTACT. You can't continually rely on this or it loses it's power! The goal is to get to the emotional space, and with time, you'll be able to cultivate this feeling on your own.

I invite you to try this - perhaps over the weekend - when we tend to have less stress (work, routine, etc) and more ability to choose how we spend our time.

Focus on your now choices and take note of how that feels. Be Happy.

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