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How To Get Un-Stuck: What Do You Want? Are You Willing To Go Get It?

Here we are: end of January. How are those goals going? Are we still working towards them? Or have they fizzled out?

Here’s the thing: Some of us have an idea of what we want and some of us have no idea. Either way that means that each day is a cycle of going through the motions and going nowhere. If you don’t know where you want to go then you’re not moving. If you’re not moving, then you're stagnant. Stagnant = showing no development, growth, or movement.

Now, to clarify, if you are happy where you are: Great! This doesn’t really apply to you. I often see posts from people that say, “Stop telling me I’m failing because I’m not hustling to move up” or “Just because I’m not dreaming bigger and wanting more doesn’t mean I’m not enough”. Ummm, I agree. I would ask, “What did you hear that made you think that was what was being said?”, and offer that some inside work be done to figure out why you assigned that meaning to what was said. But that’s a different conversation….

If you are happy where you are, great! Growing, moving, developing does not equate to career or status. It can be emotional, spiritual, mental, or all of the above. But if you’re not happy where you are in your life, career, relationships, etc.; if you are feeling ‘stuck’, well, then this post is for you.

How To Get Un-Stuck

Step One:

Figure out what you want.

Step Two:

Be intentional about getting it. Or creating it as many of my mentors would say.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Find that why.

(If you’re thinking, “whaaaat is she talking about?”, read my post on the 5 Levels of Why:

The Why: It's your vision. It comes from a deep place of feeling. Feelings are energy. Emotions are energy. Literally: E-motions = Energy in Motion. 'Good feelings' are high energy. High vibrations. 'Bad feelings' are low energy and low vibrations. You get back what you put out. Are you putting out Joy? Love? Freedom? Or are you putting out Frustration? Anger? Obligation? Are you frustrated that you don't know what you want? Well, frustration is going to put out os low vibrations and energy which doesn't exactly encourage discovery or inspirtaion. But if you come from a place of joy, or curiosity, well, the energy around it changes. And you'll need that energy for when you mind gets involved. When your mind gets in the way of you taking those steps towards your goals or where you want to go (hello to-do lists, busy stuff, obligations, mental drain, etc.), tapping into your why and your feelings of why will help you follow through.

Feel your vision.

Where is it coming from? And what will it feel like when you have it? Feel it now. Because you can, in your body. The only way you can know that you'll feel lighter or happier or more peaceful when you have ______ (insert whatever it is that you want or are working towards) is because you are feeling it and already have it with in you. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to put a name to that feeling! So feel that feeling now. Daily. Hourly.Try to keep it with you all day every day. Because what you focus on grows. What you put your attention to is what you will see. That's where things like vision boards and mantras and inspirational quotes and visualization meditation come in. It's not just 'woo woo' manifestation stuff. You can work yourself into the ground, but if you don't have a vision of where you're going then how will you know if you got there? Or worse, if you're going in the wrong direction! But, you can't just sit back and visualize without taking the inspired action. Visualize. Meditate. Get clarity. Focus. Take inspired action. You must do something new - something you haven't done before - in order to get where you haven't been before. So, make the scary phone call. Take the new class. Set the new boundaries. Have the hard conversation. You have to be more committed to the outcome than to your limitations or obstacles. That means leaning into the fear and doing it anyway. And yes, it will be hard. It'll be easier said than done. Everything is always easier saidthan done. But that growth, that accomplishment, that sense of self integrity and value in yourself and your dreams will be worth the hard, uncomfortable growing pains that will occur.That’s where the ‘Are You Willing To Go Get It” part comes in. Are you willing to do the hard stuff? Or do you want to stay safe and comfortable in the un-comfortability that you already know?

How To Figure Out What You Want:

Get quiet. Give yourself space. For most this is meditation. Or prayer. Or whatever it is for you that quiets the mind, quiets the body, and lets the soul speak. Ask your soul what it wants. Not your mind. The mind will give you 3D answers: money, the car, the fame, or what have you. The tangible world answers. Your soul will give you deeper answers: what the tangible world answers really mean. Money could mean the ability to spend more time with friends and family instead of working to make ends meet. Connection. The fame could mean being seen or heard, not necessarily paparazzi, but perhaps that blog you’ve been thinking about starting.

“Simply” quiet your mind.

I put that in quotes because if you haven’t intentionally stopped thinking before: it can be freaking HARD. That’s ok. It’s a muscle. It has to be worked. Consistency is key.

Get quiet and listen. Your ego will be telling you all the things you should be doing instead. Your ego may tell you how stupid this is and how big of waste of time it is. It will tell you how horrible you are meditation and that you should quit. But then, maybe the first time or maybe the 1,000thtime you’ll hear the soul whisper the answer. You’ll know it’s the soul because it’ll be so quiet you’ll think maybe you made it up. Everything is quiet compared to the ego. And why would the soul make a loud noise when it hasn’t been heard or spoken to in ages? It hasn’t been recognized or acknowledged. It needs time to feel comfortable speaking up. Wouldn’t you?

So, you’re listening and you hear the whisper. Then what? You take inspired action.

What does that mean? It means that random idea that pops into your head: you do it. Don’t question, don’t second guess, do it immediately. So, that example of fame – you suddenly get an idea to write a blog. You’ve played with the idea, but don’t know where to start, or how to start, and no nothing about the technical logistics so you haven’t done anything. But this time: You get up and go write your first post. Or you make the Facebook post asking who you know that has experience with starting a blog. When your soul is whispering, you get the sudden nudges. You’ll get the inspiration. Then it’s up to you to follow through with it.

Get Quiet. Listen. Take Inspired Action.

How To Get Un-Stuck: That’s really all there is to it.

The question is: Are You Willing To Go Get It.

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