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Hi There! I'm Lindsey

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I'm a National Board Certified Coach, serial entrepreneur, self-help junkie, and a MaryKay Independant Beauty Consultant. 

I'm obsessed with psychology, human behavior and neuroscience (how the brain works), and I've decided to combine my knowledge in these areas with business: Transformational Business Coaching. 


Think about it:

What becomes possible for you and your business if you were able to create a vision, tap into your bigger purpose, get your mindset on point, and program habits that you can do consistently over and over? 

I am passionate about helping people share their gifts and their true selves with the world, creating Expansion in their business and their lives.


And we all know that when a woman makes those positive changes in her life, it has direct impact and a ripple effect: She becomes a model for her children, her grandchildren and others that they too can create the freedom, joy, and peace they desire. 

I have a gift for big picture thinking. 

Structure and Details were my kryptonite (until I learned tools to make the process easier).

I love helping people accomplishing things they didn’t think was possible for themselves.

And now I want to bring that service to you and your Mary Kay Business. 

Interested learning more?

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Overcome Your Business Blindspots and Kickstart the New Year with Success

And jump on the waitlist below for a program I'm putting together specifically for Mary Kay consultants and directors. 

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