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Unlock Your Best Health and Wellness with a Personalized Fitness Program!


Are you tired of one-size-fits-all workout plans that don't deliver long-term results? After 15 years in the fitness industry, I've honed a personalized approach that works.


What You Get:

  • Tailored Workout Program: Receive a step-by-step workout plan designed specifically for your goals, preferences, and needs, delivered directly to your inbox.

  • 6 Weeks of Ongoing Support: Get continuous support with feedback on form, adjustments to movements, and personalized programming tweaks based on YOUR goals.

  • Proven Tools and Techniques: Discover effective tools and techniques to make exercise a habit, getting your subconscious brain on board for lasting results.


Why Choose This?

Private 1:1 sessions are effective but can be costly. With this, you get the best of both worlds:

  • Personalized Programming
  • Personalized Feedback
  • At a fraction of the cost!


How It Works:

  • Fill Out the Google Form: Share your details, goals, and preferences.

  • Consultation Call: We'll schedule a 20-minute Zoom or FaceTime call to discuss your form, goals, and exercise preferences.

  • Receive Your Program: Within days, you'll receive a comprehensive 6-week program tailored to your discussed goals.

  • Ongoing Support: Weekly check-ins via Voxer to discuss progress, make adjustments, and address any questions or modifications needed.


Ready to Step into Your Best Health and Wellness? Enroll NOW!

Secure your spot by filling out the Google form, and let's kickstart your fitness journey together.


WARNING: This is a time-saving, results-driven process that can transform your life!


Don't miss out on this opportunity. Enroll today and take the first step towards a healthier, fitter you!

Personalized Programming

  • Non - Refundable; Non-Transferable.

    You may use the pro-rated value of a 6-week Program towards any other offering by Lindsey Schwahn Wellness. (Private sessions, group classes, or coaching.)

    It is up to you whether you take action on the programming, track, and/or communicate with Lindsey for feedback. 

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