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A 14 week program created to help Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and Directors go from the Stagnant & Cautious Consultant to the

Invigorated & Connected CEO of her own business

Why Did You Start Your Mary Kay Business?

A person decides to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant for a multitude of different reasons, but there are a few commonalities:

• Looking to add extra income.
• Craving more freedom or flexibility.
• Knowing and loving the products.
• Seeing a spark of possibility.

The Number One Reason A Woman Will Start Her Own Business...
She wants to make a difference in her family and in her community.

If she has a family of her own, she wants to make a difference for her children.

It is my mission to help her do just that.

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Hi! I'm Lindsey Schwahn,
National Board Certified Coach and MaryKay Independant Beauty Consultant

I graduated college Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Theatre Performance, on academic and talent scholarships. 

I am one of 6,500 people across 13 countries to say I am a National Board Certified coach. 

I'm telling you this, because I'm proud of these accomplishments. (Now. For a long time it was 'never enough'.)  
And for Years I focused on big dreams, big action, and big goals. I love big, audacious goals.  

What I didn't realize is that they still came from 'never enough' place. 

It might seem odd to have a theatre background and be a coach, but they go together better than you might think.

You see, as an actor, I've always been studying people. Actor question 101: What's your character's motivation? What is causing them to say what they say and do what they do?


The most important story we will every write is our own.
You may not fancy yourself a writer; You may not want to write a screenplay or memoir, but I promise you:

You are writing a story.
I want to help you write the ending you so desire. 

Why I Created the EXPAND Method

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 9.22.20 PM.png

If your business isn’t running as you had hoped,

If you’re feeling burnt out,

Or if you’re uninspired,

I’m willing to bet that you’re missing one of these pillars.

This program is built on 3 Pillars:

If You're Missing One of These Pillars...

It's like having your foot on the gas and the break at the same time.

This Is Transformational
Business Coaching


This isn’t your typical Business Coaching:

It’s Transformational Coaching from the inside out.

We start with the person, who you are being, how it effects the doing, and work out to the business. We’re taking Coaching deeper inside, creating the vision you desire, and then solidifying it with neuroscience.

Once you begin to implement these changes, your business can’t help but evolve as well. Because your business is a reflection of you.

If you’re a consultant who is nervous about selling...
If you’re a consultant who is excited about her business but a bit overwhelmed... If you’re a consultant who wants to take her business to the next level...


These trainings are for YOU.



Next EXPAND Program begins March 09, 2023


  • Meets every Thursday at 6:00pm Central/4:00pm Pacific.
  • Sessions will last 90 minutes max.
  • There will be action items from each session.
  • There will be a Facebook Group for questions between sessions.​
  • Opportunities for direct coaching available in each session as well as through the Facebook Group.


If, by the end of the 14 weeks, you are unsatisfied with the training and have not made $500 in sales, your investment will be fully refunded. 

Program will be fully refunded at the end of the program ONLY if the following is met:

You attend each call live.

You are active in the group, asking questions, and responding to coaching.

You turn in your completed homework & tracking from each week of the program. 

If you're ready to EXPAND your business and life, fill out the form to receive information when the next round opens. If you have questions, send me an email, and we'll schedule some time to chat. 
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